• Eby Jhoanca
  • Muhammad Asqal
  • Ocsirendi Ocsirendi
  • Eko Sulistyo


Internet of Things (IoT), Control System, Telegram


A lamp is a device that can produce light when electrified. However, excessive use of lights is often found even lights in the parking lot of Polman Babel which can result in waste of electricity. At this time the use of more efficient lamps needs to be considered. Therefore, an automatic Polman Babel parking light control system is needed in order to facilitate work. The purpose of making this tool is to design a lamp control system to turn lights on and off using the Internet of Things (IoT)-based telegram application. This tool is made to control the lights in the parking lot of Polman Babel. Controlling the lights is done by controlling 9 lamps which are divided into 3 zones where each zone has 3 lights. These three zones are interconnected in a Telegram application. In the Telegram application itself there are 9 buttons used to turn on and off the lights. The research methods used are designing and manufacturing lamp control systems using NodeMCU, and designing and manufacturing lamp controls via Telegram and testing tools. The results of making a lamp control system have been done well where the results obtained by the control system can control to turn on and off the lights in accordance with the commands given.


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Jhoanca, E., Asqal, M., Ocsirendi, O., & Sulistyo, E. (2023). SISTEM KONTROL LAMPU PARKIR POLMAN BABEL BERBASIS INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT). Prosiding Seminar Nasional Inovasi Teknologi Terapan, 3(01), 10–16. Retrieved from

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