• Azela Pramestia Azani Politeknik Manufaktur Negeri Bangka Belitung
  • Ahmad Aziz Assalam
  • Gusti Maulana
  • Sugianto Sugianto
  • Hasdiansah Hasdiansah


design, animal feed chopping machine, ruminants, VDI 2222


One of the things that is very important for ruminant farming is to provide quality feed that can meet the nutritional needs of animals. However, the continuous supply of sufficient fodder can be a challenge for farmers, especially in remote and isolated areas. A fodder chopping machine can be a solution to this problem by enabling farmers to produce their own fodder from raw materials available around them. This study aims to design and build a ruminant feed chopping machine with a capacity of 1000kg/hour and a chopping size of 10-30mm. In addition, by using a fodder chopping machine, farmers can control the quality of their feed and save on the cost of buying feed from outside. The method used is the VDI 2222 design method which begins with data collection, component manufacture, component assembly, trials, final analysis, maintenance, and conclusions. This study aims to design and build a ruminant feed chopping machine with a capacity of 1000kg/hour and a chopping size of 10-30mm. The results of the design produce an animal feed chopping machine with specifications of length 800, width 400 and height 650 mm. The production capacity of the ruminant feed chopping machine is 1000 kg/hour. The driving source uses a 6.5 HP internal combustion engine.


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