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Costs charged, IoT, Battery charging, Monitoring


This final project makes a battery charging system that is controlled and monitored using IoT with the calculation of the charging fee charged from charging the battery. The method used in making this final project is data collection, testing and data analysis. The power source used is from PLN then uses a 5V voltage power supply as a voltage source. Then the buck boost converter increases the voltage entering the battery to match the battery voltage. The charging trial uses a battery with a voltage of 12V and a capacity of 7Ah, so the voltage required is 13V in order to charge. The length of the charging process depends on the current flowing into the battery, the greater the current flowing, the faster the charging process. The INA219 voltage sensor and current sensor are used to read the voltage and current entering during the battery charging process and are controlled by the Wemos D1 R32. The control and monitoring system is done through the Blynk IoT application.


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Tamsa, I. F., Sandika, L., Andik Setiawan, I. M., & Surojo, S. (2023). STASIUN PENGISIAN BATERAI BERBASIS IOT. Prosiding Seminar Nasional Inovasi Teknologi Terapan, 3(01), 197–202. Retrieved from

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