• Anisa Larasati Politeknik Manufaktur Negeri Bangka Belitung
  • Arofan Ramadhan
  • Eko Sulistyo
  • Yudhi Yudhi


infrared speed sensor LM 393, current speed, mikrokontroller, tachometer


One of the technological advances is the design of a sea current speed measurement system for navigation activities and shipping safety. This sea current speed measurement is designed using a microcontroller and a water current speed sensor using the proximity method. Designing, making tools, and conducting trials of measuring the speed of seawater currents using the LM 393 infrared speed sensor. This literature study aims to find out the outline of the speed of seawater currents. Data collection is done by looking for references from journals, articles, and websites that are still related to the speed of seawater currents. The data collected will be used as a reference to make a measuring instrument for the speed of seawater currents. The test results and graphs of changes show that when the seawater goes to the tide, the speed of the seawater current will be fast if the seawater goes to low tide, the speed of the seawater is also fast and will begin to decrease slowly and slowly, and if the seawater conditions are calm, the speed of the seawater current is not too fast and tends to be more constant. Infrared Speed Sensor LM 393 testing is done by comparing the sensor reading value with the tachometer measuring instrument and getting an average percentage error of 8.23%. With current speed measurement results of 0.58% tool error and 99.42% accuracy were obtained from comparing monitoring tools with tachometer measuring instruments.


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