• Anelia Risa Aulia
  • Dandi Hernando
  • Ahmad Fauzi
  • Robert Napitupulu
  • Yang Fitri Arriyani


mustofa potato, VDI 2222, peeling and cutting


Mustofa potatoes are potatoes which are cut into small pieces resembling matchsticks and then deep fried and covered with balado seasoning which is a food that is quite popular among the local people. The manufacturing process is also relatively easy, but still using manual methods with human power. From the results of a survey of small and medium enterprises located at Jln. Imam Bonjol No. 71 Comp. Pemda, Sungailiat, the process of peeling and cutting potatoes still uses the manual method with a knife, this is considered less effective because it takes quite a long time. Therefore, a machine is needed to help peel and cut, so that home industry entrepreneurs can save time in the process of peeling and cutting potatoes. This study aims to design and build a potato peeling and cutting machine with a size of 2-4 mm and capable of producing mustofa potatoes with capacity 15kg/hour. The method used in the design of the potato peeling and cutting machine is the VDI 2222 design methodology starting from planning, conceptualizing, designing, finishing. The research results obtained a design and manufacture of this machine using a 1.5 HP 1400 rpm electric motor using 2 transmission systems namely umbrella gears and pulleys and bells, with a cutting system using 2 blades attached to a 220 mm diameter disc. Based on the test results, the potato peeling and cutting machine was able to peel 2.7 kg of potatoes in 8.5 minutes with a cut of 2-3 mm.


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Risa Aulia, A., Hernando, D. ., Fauzi, A. ., Napitupulu, R. ., & Fitri Arriyani, Y. (2023). RANCANGAN MESIN PENGUPAS DAN PEMOTONG KENTANG UNTUK PRODUKSI KENTANG MUSTOFA. Prosiding Seminar Nasional Inovasi Teknologi Terapan, 3(01), 227–233. Retrieved from https://snitt.polman-babel.ac.id/index.php/snitt/article/view/443

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