• Najwa Nazilla
  • Ari Kurniawan politeknik manufaktur negeri bangka belitung
  • Surojo Surojo
  • Yudhi Yudhi


Badminton, scoreboard, handphone, wifi


In badminton matches usually requires a media in the form of a scoreboard to display the results of the match. However, the existing scoreboard generally only displays scores and player names and sets using a wireless keyboard. In addition, the process of entering match scores on the scoreboard is also still done manually so that under these conditions the existing scoreboard is considered to be less informative and effective because this often happens if the control device is said to be damaged or no longer functioning as it was at first. This final project designs and builds a scoreboard that can display some important information in matches such as running text that always runs from left to right, player names, and scores from each set which will be operated on an application prepared by the author, namely badminton score. The scoreboard that was created can be operated using a mobile phone as input for the player's name, sets and scores for the players who will compete. For information display media using dot matrix LEDs with the main controller based on arduino and esp8266. The problem in the final project before being modified was at a distance of more than 30 meters and if it was blocked by a wall or not then the wirelees keyboard was not connected, after being modified it used a wifi signal at a distance 30 meters both indoor and outdoor and also blocked by walls and not the tool will function and run as desired. The problem with this final project that has been modified is that if the signal is not supported, input from the application and sending data to the P10 panel will cause a delay. The solution to this tool is to find a signal that is considered to be support or a stable network. The implementation method used in the final project creation process modification setup of iotbased badminton scoreboards is to use the P10 panel as well as electrical circuits and programs related to the Arduino and esp 8266 that are used. so that the process of this tool does not delay the connection network must be stable and smooth. The results of this modified tool are as follows: running text is always running and setting player names, sets and player scores can be accessed through the application that has been prepared, namely badminton score.


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