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Mesin screw press, Preventive maintenance, Sistem Preventive Maintenance


One of the process station at PT. Gunung Maras Lestari is a press station.Inside this station there is machine that plays a role in pressing,namely the srew press machine. Screw press machine at PT. Gunung Maras Lestari often experiences damage. This is due to the lack of preventive maintenance performed on these machine. In order to overcome this problem,it is planned to build a special preventive maintenance system for the srew press machine at PT. Gunung Maras Lestari. The design of this preventive maintenance system will be based on data from various source,including data on machines and preventive maintenance information contained in related books and journal. The result of designing this preventive system will include several maintenace schedules  based on hour meters,weekly and monthly maintenance programs,weekly and monthly inspection cards,machine maintenance data cards,machine history cards and implementation procedures  preventive maintenance. The main objective of this preventive maintenance system device is to be well understood by maintenance assistants and maintenance technicians, and to be implemented succesfully in press stations,especially in screw press machines at PT. Gunung Maras Lestari. By implementing an effective preventive maintenance system.,it is hope that the machines at PT. Gunung Maras Lestari can operate better and have a longer service life,as well as reduce the frequency of breakdowns and unexpected production downtime. This will help improve operational efficiency and reduce unnecassry repair costs.


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